The Circular Reality 

Single channel video

2 min. 10 sec.




In this video my body is an object of reflection from a relationship that merges with nature. It is a poetic radiograph where I play with language to imagine and chimerically propose connections between my body and a complete external nature. I use the word and my body to translate states of search and unease in this relationship. My body, which is pure nature, vainly trying to be part of that other nature.

This project is made up of a performative act that I did, the recording of this performative act, and archive video footage of trees, forests, and jungles that I took for a while. In addition, it consists of a poetic text written by me that is a fundamental part of the narrative that translates, to a certain extent, some states of consciousness of my body and its internal nature that for a time were growing within me.

Music by Sebastian Celis C.