Isabella Celis Campos (1996)  is a young Colombian artist and environmental activist with studies in textiles and sustainability.

Isabellas’s artistic practice seeks to be a path of reflection on multiple socio-environmental concerns that are expressed in herself and in her surroundings. She works from textile processes and finds in interdisciplinary dialogues a conducive space to reconsider what has been established and propose discussions about what it means to live and coexist in complex, intricate and interdependent ecosystemic realities. Her work is nourished by a constant fascination and amazement for natural systems, experimentation and in-depth research in order to make visible environmental concerns that directly or indirectly involve the human being. Although textiles are the basis of Isabella’s work, in her practice she intertwines various media from video, sound, text to photography.

Currently Isabella develops two projects about the territorial disagreements between man and his habitat in the Alto Cauca and in the Depresión Momposina.