A Cielo Abierto

Reflective glass 4+4, iron sheet

7000 x 5000 x 180 cm 

Bogotá D.C. Colombia



A cielo abierto is an installation in situ that proposes a formal dialogue between light as raw material and the space where it is combined. It is a project that sought to materialize natural light into sensory experiences of the open-air space while generating a reactivation of the terrace of the building where it was placed. Through the subtle games that the glass modules generated in the presence of sunlight, resulted multiple states of perception that depended exclusively on the moment in which the installation was attended, since factors such as time or atmospheric conditions caused the environment to be perceived different.

It is an installation that invites the viewer to be part of it, to combine in a space to perceive the environment, sunlight and landscape in a different way. It is a space to contemplate the passage of time, the light and the multiple ephemeral experiences that occurred there thanks to sunlight and glass.

The development of this project had the support of CIC – Center for Research and Creation of Los Andes University and Uniandinos.

Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá D.C. Colombia